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Blowfish Encryption Tool

From Francois Louw

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A useful tool to encrypt and decrypt your files


There are many encryption algorithms on the market today, and most of them are patented or secret. Some are open but need royalties to use them. But luckily there is the Blowfish algorithm. As stated by its creator Bruce Schneier "Blowfish is unpatented, and will remain so in all countries. The algorithm is hereby placed in the public domain, and can be freely used by anyone."

So lets make good use of the generosity and have ourselves a free, fully open source (Gplv3) implementation of the Blowfish algorithm.

You are free to use this for personal and commercial use. You are not allowed to make money using my implementation. Do not hotlink to the download or claim that it is yours, rather link to this project page!

Description of Blowfish Algorithm

I am lazy now so my whole explanation and analysis of the source code will be done later. But here is a good wiki link Blowfish Wikipedia


Zipped exe with source code is Here