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Complete Download

Use this link to download drivers, interface software and firmware all in one.

2013-03-18 : Firmware 1097 + Interface 539 + Bootloader 2.21 + Drivers + Manual. Released 2013-03-18.

2012-12-27 : Firmware 1068 + Interface 332 + Bootloader 2.21 + Drivers. Released 2012-12-27.


2013-04-02-1158.hex Prototype version. Build 1158. Compatible with Interface build 569. Released 2013-03-18. Not compatible with older Interface builds. Added debug mode and better communication protocol. Released 2013-04-02.

2013-03-16-1097.hex Prototype version. Build 1097. Compatible with Interface build 539. Released 2013-03-18. Updated the EZK Load signal, now gives constant 50% duty cycle. Use this with standard injectors.

2012-12-27-1068.hex This is the initial Prototype Release version. Build 1068. Compatible with Interface build 332. Released 2012-12-27.


Interface Build 569 Prototype Build 569. Use with firmware build 1158. Not compatible with previous firmware. Added debug mode and more stable EZK signal.

Interface Build 539 Prototype Build 539. Use firmware build 1097. Released 2013-03-18. Added logging support. Cleaned up code. Should be compatible with firmware build 1068.

Interface Build 332 This is the initial prototype release version. Build 332. Use firmware build 1068. Released 2012-12-27.


Bootloader 2.21 This is the initial prototype release version. Version 2.21. This is designed to work with the prototype version. Do not use with any other PCB revision. Released 2012-12-27.


Driver This is the initial prototype release version. Use this only with prototype revisions. Released 2012-12-27.


Manual 2013-03-16 This is an incomplete manual. This only covers basic operation and updating of the firmware.