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OpenGL 3D Graphics Engine

From Francois Louw

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OpenGL 3D Graphics Engine


This is my OpenGL 3D Graphics Engine developed in 2002 for the Eskom Science Expo.

This graphics engine uses strictly only 3x3 matrix of points to describe Bezier curves in 3d space. These curves are then rendered with a varying degree of detail. When launching the LoaderProj.exe application you can select the level of detail. This level of detail is squared to give the amount of pixels used per curved plane.


  • To move around use the arrow keys
  • Move up and down is PgUp and PgDown
  • Wireframe mode: w
  • Texture mode: t
  • Quit: Esc

Map Details

The map is an incomplete and badly structured BSP tree. Dont judge my coding based on this, I was in a hurry and just shoved it all together!

Bezier Curve Explanation

Wikipedia explanation

I applied the method of Bernstein Polynomials to compute the relevant point in space to create a 3D curved plane.

More description to come soon!


Due to licensing issues I have not included the sound library in the current application.

Will fix that at some point.


You may freely download this as to test and play around with. The code is NOT free/open source. No decompiling or reverse engineering are allowed. You may NOT claim this work as your own. You may NOT put these files on your website or direct link to the download. You may NOT sell this or make any form of profit from this, including advertising. You MAY put a link to this page on your website only when it is clearly labeled and not linked to any advertising! When you do please send an email so I can link back to you!


Download Version 1