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Porsche 928 LH Replacement ECU

From Francois Louw

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Here you will find all the required information about the replacement ECU for Porsche 928 EFI cars.



The LH EFI units in the Porsche 928 S2/S3/S4/GT/GTS have a genereal design flaw - the Hybrid Circuit. This results in intermittent failures that is unpredictable and makes the car unusable. The goal of this project is to create a complete plug and play replacement ECU. The requirements are that it should be 100% compatible with the current systems, but should give better tuneability.

The project is currently in the final stages of prototyping and a prototype unit has been sent to a volunteer to ensure that the system will work on any 928 EFI that it is installed in.

Currently it is possible to replace the Hybrid Circuit with aftermarket options, but that is expensive and does not change the easiness of tuning.

Soon to come will be complete specifications of the ECU.

The next revision that will be mass produced and sold is already in the design phase, and after extensive testing is complete with the prototype units it will be marketed.

For any more information email (replace # with @)


Latest Firmware and Software Download page

Latest Update : 2013-04-03

Firmware build 1158

Interface Software build 569

Bootloader build 2.21

ECU Prototype Download Page

Porsche 928 LH Replacement Prototype

This is the prototype version of the replacement ECU. Here is the build page. This is kind of a bit messy, but it has good videos and some pictures. This page will be updated when any changes to the prototype is made.

This version is working and can be ordered, read the build page for more information.

Porsche 928 LH Replacement Rev 2

Here is the build page for the second revision of the LH Replacement ECU. Currently still in design phase.

Ordering Information

Send an email to (replace the # with @) for a quotation. The prices vary on the exchange rates but in general the price will be around USD300+shipping.