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Major Projects

This is where I list all my projects that are not complete waste of time. These projects took a lot of time and effort. I hope you have fun reading through it!

Porsche 928 LH Replacement ECU A complete plug-in replacement for the fuel injected Porsche 928. With added USB and windows interface for real time diagnosis and tuning.

OpenGL 3D Graphics Engine The Ice 3D Graphics Engine. A project made in 2002 that uses bezier curves to create high detail graphics.

Minor Projects

This is where I will put all my weekend projects.

Lithium Ion Charger Basic Lithium Ion single cell battery charger using Microchip MCP73831 and a few resistors, LEDs and caps. Charges at 500mA. Schematic included.

Simple USB Scope Screenshot.jpeg
Simple USB Oscilloscope A simple but effective hobbyist USB oscilloscope. Full GPL Open source schematics and source code available. Uses Pic32MX220 and Qt.

Christmas Tree 2012 A Christmas tree made from a PIC16F876 and a bunch of LEDs - Engineering Style!

Useless Stuff

Here are all the small tiny stuff that I made to make life easier.

Automatic Build Revision Generator Tired of not knowing exactly what build you are debugging on firmware or other software? Well this is a small program that increments the build number in a header file that you can run at compile time. This will increase the build number automatically. Full code and downloadable executable are provided.

Blowfish Encryption Tool Do you want to encrypt messages, or files securely, fast and without having to pay for software? Well, here is a small command line tool, fully open source, that you can use to encrypt whatever you want!