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Personal Information

Name: Francois Johannes LOUW

Born: 31 December 1984, Pretoria, SOUTH AFRICA

Citizenship: South Africa

Current Location and Legal Status: Kyoto Japan, Student Visa

Marital Status: Unmarried

Language Ability: English (Native, Business, Advanced Technical)

  • Afrikaans (Native, Business, Advanced Technical)
  • Japanese (Daily Conversation, Limited Technical)
  • Spanish (Elementary Level)

Contact Detail

(See resume PDF)




Youtube Channel:


Target Job: Applied engineering in hardware and/or software in research and development areas.

Challenging projects are preferred.

Will always get the job done.

Personal Goal: World Domination!

Academic History

Masters Degree student at Minoh Laboratory, Graduate School of Informatics, Kyoto University, Japan. Graduation date: 2015/09. GPA: 4.0.

Graduate researcher, at Nakamura Laboratory, Graduate School of Electronic Engineering, Kyoto University, Japan.

Hon. Eng. (Electronic) Graduate School of Electric, Electronic and Computer Engineering, University of Pretoria, South Africa (Partially completed – Stopped to continue studies in Japan).

B. Eng. (Computer) School of Electric, Electronic and Computer Engineering, University of Pretoria, South Africa.

Zwartkop High School, South Africa (Graduated with Honours)

Academic Accomplishments

Eskom Science Expo Medals (Bronze 1997, Silver 1998, Bronze 2001, Gold + International Silver 2002).

Balcarras High School GCSE Academic Awards for Math, Science, Information Technology.

Eskom Science Expo Performance Scholarship (2003).

University of Pretoria Academic Achievement Scholarship (2005&2006).

MEXT Scholarship (2011/04-2013/3).

JEES Scholarship (2014/4-2015/9).

Undergraduate Thesis Title: Artificially Intelligent Chess System.

Undergraduate Thesis Summary: Research and analysis of an AI system playing Chess by taking a brute force approach. Research was done into the possibility of brute force solving Chess. Optimisations in memory management and implementation methods were done to speed up the process in order to move closer to the goal of completely solving Chess.

Masters Degree Thesis Title: Calibration of Linear Light Sources in Factory Automation Scenario.

Masters Degree Thesis Summary: A method was developed to calibrate the origin, position and angle of a rigidly attached linear light source in a factory automation setting by utilising the factory line sensing camera itself. The results are used for virtual image reconstruction processes. The process involves first calibrating the camera to remove noise and then using noise free images to compute the camera calibration values.

“Pixel-Wise Radiometric Line Scanner Calibration”, F.J. Louw, M. Iiyama, T. Funatomi, M. Minoh, IAPR Conference on Machine Vision Applications 2015.


Part Time English Teacher. (2 Years Experience)

Software Engineer. (5+Years Experience)

Hardware Engineer. (5+Years Experience)

Software Programmer. (15+Years Experience) (5+Years experience after graduation)

System Integration Engineer. (2+Years Experience)


Kotie Du Buisson: Director at Libra Measuring instruments, Pty. Ltd. (

Petrs Pelser: Executive Director at Parsec Pty. Ltd. (

Ehrard v.d. Walt: Director at Universal Mobile Technologies. (

Hiroyuki Kume: Instructor at Globe English School, Osaka. (

(Ask for contact details)


Masters Degree student at Minoh Laboratory, Kyoto University (Current).

Part Time English Teacher at Globe English School in Osaka, Japan (2013/05~Present).

Research student at Nakamura Laboratory, Kyoto University (2011/04~2013/09).

Design, Development, Manufacture and sale of EngineControl Units for Porsche 928.

Shared ownership of company Universal Mobile Technologies; Research and development software and hardware engineer.

Parsec Pty. Ltd. Software and Hardware engineer.

Partially completed Hon. Eng. Electronic Engineering after hours at University of Pretoria.

Graduated Computer Engineering degree, University of Pretoria.

CEO and Software Programmer, Brainwave Projects 729cc, established company in 2003.

Co-founder and member of JFK Engineering, a specialist electronic engineering company.

LMI Pty. Ltd. Software development, Internship and part time jobs. Various software projects, practical implementation on remote sites. Remote software management.

Mine consultancy specialist embedded software development.

Community based volunteer projects to help previously disadvantaged schools.

Part time employment at Ultra Electronics in England.

Network administrator at Balcarras High School, England.

Skills and Abilities

Systems engineer experience.

Advanced algorithm implementation.

Machine learning theory and application.

Statistical Machine Learning Big Data

Advanced image processing.

Factory automation image processing.

Speech processing.

Digital Signal Processing experience.

Data analysis experience.

Test system design, implementation and testing.

ISO 9001 QMS Implementation Engineer.

National Instruments Labview Core 1, 2, 3 Intermediate 1,2.

National Instruments Teststand.

VHDL certification.

MATLAB certification.

Hardware Design qualification.

PCB Schematic Capture (Mentor Graphics, Eagle, KiCad,Pspice).

Cisco CCNA and CCNP-BSI.

C/C++, Embedded C/C++, Pascal, Delphi, Visual Basic, C#, Java, JavaScript, Python, MATLAB, SQL, Assembly(x86, ARM, MIPS and Microchip)

Windows and Linux programming experience.

Experience in graphical interfaces and advanced graphics using OpenGL.

TCP/IP Server/Client implementation experience.

Specialised C/C++ Libraries: Qt, .NET, DirectX, OpenGL,OpenCV.

Parallel computing implementation and programming.