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This page links to all the tools that I use

Editors and IDE

For text editing there can be only Notepad++

IDE I recommend Eclipse Eclipse


Microchip PIC Development MPLab X

Microchip XC Compilers

Microchip Application Libraries


Windows/Linux Interface coding I recommend Qt

Along with Qt I recommend using the Qtembedded Widgets

To draw advanced graphs easily use Qwt - Qt Widgets for Technical Applications.


USBinterfacing I use LibUSB-win32


My new favourite! MinGW-w64. Produces 64 or 32-bit code with statically linked libraries. Removes the need for external dll. Follow the link->Personal Builds->rubenvb->gcc-4.8-release->x86_64-w64-mingw32-gcc-4.8.0-win64_rubenvb.7z if you want a 64 bit executable (produces 32 and 64bit code) or select x86_64-w64-mingw32-gcc-4.8.0-win32_rubenvb.7z if you want 32-bit executable (Also produces 32 and 64 bit code). I recommend using this with Eclipse!

Stand alone C/C++ Compiler for small applications use Borland Command Line Tools. The advantage of using Borland is that you do not need external .dll files to run your applications

Also use MinGW. This is needed for Qt. This requires shipping a .dll with you applications.

Very powerful but very expensive is Intel C Compiler. This is the compiler I use for all my research. It is very expensive unless you are in an academic institute, then the institute will probably have a license or you can get a student license from Intel.

Also, very powerful but expensive is Microsoft Visual Studio.

Image Editors and Viewers

Quick and easy image viewing Irfanview

SVG Editor Inkscape

Easy and free paint program Paint.NET

PCB Layout

Used to be the hobbyist favourite but quite expensive is Eagle

New favourite and what I will be using from now on is KiCAD

Other General Applications

Very handy with libraries such as Qt, OpenCV is CMake

Also to listen to music while coding Winamp